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Kunshan Factory
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Address: Kunshan City, Jiangsu
Province, Guo Kun Jia
Industrial 2 ZoneZe
Road, No. 425
E-mail: ksxh@shianhwi.com
Website: http://www.shianhwi.com
About Us
    ShinHwa Electronic Parts co., ltd established in 1979, and our enterprise insist on perfect quality、professional technology、good service、continues operation from design to produce use streamlined coordination. Depend on computer precise mould design、professional production, can manufacture all kinds of perfect quality AC、DC plug parts, terminal, communication, computer, video, acoustics, power jack, connector etc.
    We can take OEM, ODM for customers including all kinds of plug parts pressing products, lathe products and plastic products.
    Total 2000 people,  
    55sets High Speed Press
    68sets vertical、Horizontal Auto Plastic Injection Machine with computer device
    200sets Precision Auto Lathe
    110sets Barrel Plating Bath
    4 Auto Rack plating Line
    3 Pulling Plating Line
    Produce all kinds of hardware、plastic plugs and plating all kinds of hardware surface golden , nickel , bronze, chromium, tin plating, 14 carts deliver the goods to customers anytime.
    In order to improve manage and products quality, our company apply and pass the UL、VDE、CSA and ISO9002, in order to meet the market requirement, we establish the factories and branch companies in TaiPei, Hongkong, DongGuan Guang Dong Province, ZhongShan GuangDong Province, YuYao ZheJiang Province, KunShan JiangSu Province. And now invest NT150000000 extend our new production line, and expand domestic and overseas market.
Special operate: all kinds of AC、DC plug parts, terminal, press products, cable copper wire, sockets, pin and UL SAA pin.
Operate target: personnel glad、Customers satisfaction、operate complacent  
Quality Policy: careful quality、customers contented、continues execution、improvement continuously
Operate policy: super quality, special technology, service thoughtful continues operation
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